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Associate Pool Memberships

Application for Membership -  Instructions and FAQ’s


Tanterra currently has a waiting list for associate pool memberships. If you would like to be added to the Tanterra Pool Waiting List please follow these  instructions.

  • Mail us a letter or postcard stating that you would like to be added to the waiting list. Please make sure that you include your Name, Address and Phone #. The phone number is very important. The reason that we require you to mail this information to us is that we maintain the order of the list by the post mark date on the envelope.

  • Mail To:
    Tanterra Homeowners Association
    PO Box 25
    Brookeville, Md 20833

Once we receive your letter or postcard, we will mail you a confirmation letter letting you know that we have received your request and that you have been added to the list. If you do not receive a confirmation letter from us within 2 weeks of mailing your request, please get in touch with us immediately 


How much is Membership?

As of the summer of 2023 our membership fee is $570 for the summer.


If I do not get in this summer do I have to mail in another request?

No, once you are on the list, you remain on the list until your name comes up for membership. If you are not able to join and you decline when your name comes up, then you must send in another request and you will be added back onto the list according to the postmark date on the envelope of your new request.


Will I get in this summer?

That all depends on where you are on the list. It is very difficult to tell because we often do not know how many slots are opening up until the end of March. The average wait for admission as a member is about a year. Recently, most have gotten in the same year as they have applied.


When will I know and how will I know when I am accepted?

We usually will begin making calls sometime in March. Unfortunately, we do not know when a current member is not rejoining until we do not receive payment on or around March 15th. Once your name comes up for membership, you will receive a call from the pool committee letting you know. We often continue making calls well into April and May.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Dave Stout at

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