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Tanterra Pool
18605 Tanterra Way
Brookeville, MD 20833

Update June 24, 2021:

The Guest COVID Waiver is now available to be printed at home.   Both pages must be printed.  If possible please print on one sheet of paper (front and back)

Guest COVID Waiver PDF

Update June 16, 2021:

The following is an update to the previous published 2021 information

At the June 16 2021 monthly meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board voted to open the pool grilles for normal use starting this Saturday, June 19, at 12 p.m. 


The Board also voted to allow each member household to have guests at the pool.  Each day a maximum of four guests – or one family – will be allowed per Tanterra household or associate membership account (not four guests per individual member), which will also go into effect this Saturday, June 19 at 12:00 p.m. **All guests will need to sign a COVID waiver (available at the pool) before entering.**  If a minor attends, the waiver will need to be signed by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.

Additionally, the Board has voted to allow the Social Committee to host events throughout the remainder of the summer.  Consequently, the Social Committee will hold its first meeting next Wednesday, June 23 at 7:30 at the pool pavilion to discuss what events will be held.



Finally, there will be a meeting of the Board next Thursday, June 24 at 7:30 via Zoom.  The purpose of this Board meeting will be to vote on Social Committee activities discussed and planned during the June 23 meeting.

2021 Information:

 We are happy that the pool is opening on time and that we will be able to accommodate the approved number of members as permitted by our maximum capacity.  We must still comply with the Maryland health Department and CDC guidelines, there are some adjustments that will affect the operation of the pool (face mask requirements to enter bathrooms).  Members must abide by the rules. 



The Tanterra Homeowners Association, Inc. Swim Club Rules & Policy sent out and on the Tanterra Website is in effect.  These supplemental rules as restated herein do supersede the supplemental rules sent out in the newsletter and if there is any conflict between the rules, these supplemental rules will have precedent.


These rules may be changed as the State, County, and CDC revise their criteria and regulations.  The Board understands that no system is going to please everyone, and we ask that you realize this and be patient and considerate of others while we work through this process.  If things are not working and does not seem to be fair, we will make adjustments. The pool committee and/or the Tanterra Board of Directors and upon advice of our pool contractor (Georgetown Aquatics) needs to evaluate what we feel is a safe number that we can control.  In between meeting of the BOD, the Pool Committee is authorized to make changes to these rules and occupancy numbers as per the Pool Committee Charter.


If a member does not abide by any of these rules, they will be denied access to the pool and be asked to leave the pool.  If a member refuses to leave, more severe disciplinary action will be taken according to our rules.


In addition, under these circumstances, it is extremely important that members supervise their children and make sure that all family members know and follow the rules.  Pool behavior and breaking rules will result in disciplinary procedures.


Please do not approach the staff with questions/complaints regarding these rules.  Instead, please reach out to the pool committee or a board member.  Contacts can be found on the website or Newsletter.





1.     In order to enter the pool everyone must have a “Tanterra Pool Areas Use Release and Waiver - 2021” on file.  

2.     Do not come to the pool if you feel sick at all and especially if you have symptoms, exposure or travelled to an area that has had a recent outbreak of COVID-19.

3.     If anyone in your household exhibits COVID-19 symptoms after visiting the pool or if you find out that you or they had been in contact with any symptomatic individuals before visiting the pool, please inform the pool management, a member of the pool committee, or a member of the HOA board of directors.  Their contact info can be found on the Tanterra HOA website or any monthly newsletter.

4.     There will be a no guests policy at this time.  This will be revisited in the near future.

5.     There will be no parties anywhere within the facility. 

6.     No social activities will be scheduled until further notice.





1.     There will be a table at the front gate for check-in to the pool area.  The guard will check you and members of your family off the list and enter your pool ID number into the ID system.  An updated “Release and Waiver - 2021” must be on file.

2.      No one is allowed into the pool area unless they have cleared the above requirements.





1.     Face masks must be worn by any member over the age of 2 when in the restrooms. 

2.      Face masks do not need to be worn while outside.

3.      Use of the grill area will not be allowed at this time.




1.   Face masks must be worn inside the bathhouse and/or office.

2.  Absolutely no hanging out in the office by children.

3.  Sanitizer will be available in bathroom.




1.     The baby pool will now be opened.




1.     We are planning on the snack bar being open.  Masks must be worn when inside the snack bar.

2.     Spray bottles to disinfect tables will be available at the snack bar counter if wanted.




1.     Members who refuse to follow these rules will not be allowed to enter the pool or asked to leave.  Continued refusal will result in discipline as per the HOA discipline policy.


Supplemental COVID Rules (updated 5/27/2021)

Pool Rules with supplemental COVID rules (updated 5/18/2021)


The Tanterra Pool is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

Cost of an Associate Membership is $530

Pool Hours

Sunday - Saturday 
12 noon to 8:00pm

Tanterra Tarpons "Cafe"

Open Thursday through Sunday, Holidays 
and during Swim & Dive Meets.

Pool Office...............................301-774-4035
E-Mail ..............

Tanterra Tarpons Swim & Dive Teams

For more information regarding the Swim and Dive Team please click on the following site.

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