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PLEASE remember you must submit a "Request for Architectural Changes" form for every change to the exterior of your property. Additions, sheds, new windows, driveway changes and any other change to the exterior. This  also includes exterior paint, even if it is the same color.

See below for relevant documents and forms.

Architectural documents

Architectural documents

Name Document
Current Tanterra Architectural Guidelines
Updated: Jul 05 2012
Free Library Rules
Updated: Aug 08 2018
Items on Lawn Policy
Updated: Apr 21 2018
Architectural Violation Rules
Updated: Apr 20 2018
Carport/Front of House Policy
Updated: Nov 01 2017
Architectural Change Application
Updated: Jul 05 2012
Montgomery County Parking Guidelines
Updated: Jul 05 2012
Architectural Approval Notice
Updated: Jul 05 2012
Tanterra Parking guidelines
Updated: Jul 05 2012
Parking In Driveways - Update Effective June 27, 2012
Updated: Jul 05 2012